Text Box: Grassroots  to Global. This  is  how  we  envision  the  Agno  Town  Fiesta  2008. By translating local optimism into global dynamism,  we  hope to make a positive dent  in the economic life of our hometown. A  catalyst to action, if we may say.  A people celebrating in unison. A community in motion. Traditional and modern cultures in fusion. Every Agnoan, from any point in the world, will come home to a colorful array of festivities. Nine days of jam-packed celebration covering almost everything: Agro-Industrial Fair, Booths, Battle of the Bands, ROCKAPELLA Contest, Streetdancing Competition, the 1st-ever  AGNO  HENYO Quiz Bee, The Outreach Program, Jeans and Tonic, Miss SK Eco-Tourism Pageant and the Royal Coronation of  Miss  Agno 2008,  just to name a few.  Agnoans  and  visitors  shall  embrace  a  culture  that  is  distinctly Agno  - one   that  is  embedded  in  local tradition  but embossed with an imprint of globalization. Now,  we  are  25,000 Agnoans ready to bestride  the world; and we have captured the essence of this spirited drive in our slogan: Makiinniliw ken Makirinnambak… Rumag-o AGNO!!!  There’s always a rhyme or reason when the heart yearns for home. Experience a homecoming like no other.   Cailian …. we can’t wait to see you.

Translating Local Optimism Into Global Dynamism