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Know some Filipino folkdances

Binasuan. Dancers of binasuan skillfully balance the glasses half-filled with rice wine. It is originated in Pangasinan, "binasuan" means "with the use of drinking glasses."

Tinikling. Tinikling is adopted as the Philippine national dance. Dancers imitate the movements of the tikling birds stepping sideways between two long bamboo poles.

Pandanggo Sa Ilaw. "Pandanggo" is derived from the Spanish word "fandango." Dancers must have oil lamps on the head and the back of each hands.

Cariniosa. Dancers with the aid of handkerchiefs or fans performs hide-and-seek movements to express their love or affection for one another.

Sayaw Sa Bangko. A dance originally from Brgy. Pangapisan, Lingayen, Pangasinan, "Sayaw Sa Bangko" requires performers to dance on top of a bench.

Pateado. This dance originated from Balimbing, Marinduque requires acrobatic skill of the male performer like bending backwards using his head to pick up a hat on the floor.

Estudiantina. Performers of this dance imitate students holding a book while dancing. This dance was a favorite of female students in Manila and was performed then in social gatherings.

Kuratsa. This dance is performed like a waltz and is very popular among Ilocanos and Visayans.

Subli. Subli, a dance originated from Batangas, is derived from Tagalog words "subsub" and "bali." Male dancers are stooped while the women dance using hats.

Polkabal. A dance similar to polka and valse styles of Europeans.

Kalatong. A piece of bamboo is suspended around the waist or neck and is rapidly beaten.

Gaway-gaway. Townfolks of Leyte celebrate by dancing their bountiful harvest of a root crop called "gaway".

Aray. "Ouch" in English, "aray" dance requires the use of shawl and tambourines.

Singkil. A famous and colorful Muslim dance in the Philippines, Singkil comes from the local name of bells worn on the ankles of a Muslim princess.

Ragragsakan. Women in Kalinga province prepare for a budong (peace pact) by performing this so-called "Ragragsakan" dance.

Lumagen. Another Kalinga dance performed during thanksgiving festivals.



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