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Excerpt from "My Return to the Islands"

By Paul N. Najera

"I am not sure when the right time comes to move back to my beginnings but I am convinced that one day I will do this and, whether it will be permanent or just to visit and stay longer to take pleasure in spoiling myself in living again in the surroundings of my childhood, it is clear in my mind that I should go back before the prime of my life ends and advancing age will cripple and prevent me to savor once more the experiences, the familiarity and beauty of a place I enjoyed in the company of my parents, siblings and the people of Agno which I used to enjoy during my youth.

In a few more years maybe, I will take advantage of whatever opportunities may come my way and I will come home. A borderless world in the future because of faster travel doesn't preclude the idea of a home in two worlds apart from each other. I'm a Filipino. And I'll always think of myself as a Filipino. And that's going to be more important to me than seeing the dazzling Autumn leaves in Fall and the snow outside my windows on a bright Christmas morning."

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